Welcome to the Foundry, Nodev’s Foundry to be exact, and I’m the head nodev here. This site is a repository for many things: game design critique, tutorials, rants, and my own personal development log. But above all, I hope to use this site as a motivational tool, to help game developers who can’t seem to get their ideas into finished projects – i.e. nodevs. I’d also like to improve my own skills and do a bit of writing on the side.


I don’t run any ads on the site for multiple reasons: most people choose to block ads, they distract from whatever content on the page, and I’d rather not rely on Google for income or have it in my site. However, if you like my content and want to support it I’ve set up a few options.

Brave and BAT

If you’re into security or cryptocurrency, you might be familiar with Brave. Being a privacy focused fork of Chromium, Brave is a browser that automatically block ads and gives you plenty of privacy options built into the browser such as TOR browsing, blocking cross-site cookies and trackers, and upgrades unsecure http connections to https if available. (Since it’s a Chromium fork most extensions you already use will still work). Most importantly, it has an ad network and rewards system that relies on cryptocurrency, BAT or Basic Attention Token. Basically, Brave Ads serves you ads occasionally (it’s opt in before you get worried) and every time you close or view an ad you receive BAT that will be deposited into the browser’s wallet. Then, you can donate that BAT to verified creators who you want to support, on Youtube, Reddit, and Twitter. If you’re someone who’s interested in crypto, privacy, or different options to support creators you love, definitely check it out and click this referral link.


If you have any questions or comments about the site, feel free to email me at headnodev@protonmail.com.